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Taylor Dobson
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:star:Taylor|She/Her|17|United States:star:

Hello there! My name is Taylor, feel free to call me by that or by my username, MonsterMomma! I'm a 17 year old aspiring artist/psychologist/law enforcer, and I'm always more than happy to make new friends and have conversation! Please don't be afraid to leave a comment on any one of my works!

:heart:About Art:heart:
What art you'll find on my art account will mostly be lined drawings (digital or traditional) of mythical creatures, many that take on a much more cartoonist form! You may occasionally see "furry" art, as these are commonly requested by my friends on Instagram! You may also see the occasional painting, sculpture, paper doll, etc. as I've recently attempted getting into multiple art mediums!

My biggest interests include horror, SCPS, monsters, folklore/urban legends, cartoons, animation, and many more I probably cannot think of right now! My particular interests include The Gorillaz, Character Design, The Fallout game series, Pokémon, etc.

:heart:Important Info!:heart:
When requesting something from me or initiating an art trade, please be aware that school takes up a very large portion of my life, and that I suffer from mental issues that render me nearly incapable of completing certain tasks at certain times! These are not excuses of course, I'll do my best to finish your art in a timely manner, but if you ever have issues with the amount of time I'm taking, please don't be afraid to let me know, I'll be sure to take care of that for you!

Also, if you need to reach me at any time, I am not extremely active on deviantart, here are my Instagram accounts if you ever need to reach me in a hurry!
_monster_momma_ (or, my personal account is very_shady_spider_lady)
My first day making a journal! I suppose it would be great for me to get my feelings out, feel free to comment whatever you'd like, but it's not like many people will see this haha!

This morning was a bit wishy washy as always. I woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off, that's always fun. Sitting in bed hoping to rest but instead all you can think about is when the alarm is going to eventually disturb your peaceful silence. The anticipation always makes me back hurt, so I end up getting up before the alarm anyway.

I put my laundry in the dryer before I slept so that my gym clothes would be clean for the morning, but of course the dryer decided it didn't want to do its job properly, I put the clothes on quick dry TWICE and they were still slightly wet before I had to leave for class.

Period 2 (my first period) was a bit off, I missed it yesterday since I had AP language testing and my teacher was really passive aggressive about it. She's been going off on everyone who has been skipping class considering it's the last 2 weeks of school, so I can understand her irritation, but I was gone for a legitimate reason. My fault for not telling her, my absence was excused anyway so she can be as bitter as she wants. The class is US history, and we're currently doing a project that's going to be our final grade, this is cool and all, it's supposed to be "FUN" in the nerdy teacher dictionary, but my subject is rather bleak and gives me a lot of discomfort when I have to complete research about it. It will be over soon though, presentations are on Monday and Tuesday, so I won't have to worry for much longer.

Period 3 was very nerve wracking for me, I had to complete a speech presentation in front of a class of freshmen, the freshmen didn't intimidate me, it was just that my project topic was pretty controversial and I didn't want them throwing rocks at me or anything. They're freshmen so maybe they would have thrown pennies, who knows. I stuttered and messed up multiple times but I still got a 95 percent, my teacher is really lenient, but I mean I would be too if I had to grade teenagers on their public speaking. We spent the rest of class talking about Women's Rights which is a subject I'm very passionate about (considering I'm a woman) so  I was able to forget my embarrassment.

Period 4 was the same as always, we all ranted about the AP test and talked about memes and Jeremy was about to catch this fade because he was saying dumb ignorant shit as always. But since our formal learning is basically over in that class we started watching a documentary by Chris Rock about the stigma of black women and hair styling. It was nice being able to focus on problems in the African American community for once, most of our documents are from like the freaking colonial era. But all I could think about during the documentary was Marty the Zebra from Madagascar.

Lunch was lunch. My lunch period does this thing where whenever there's any conflict like a fight or a kid being disrespectful/obnoxious and the guards have to intervene, a huge portion of the lunch rooms starts clapping and cheering like Beyoncé just got on stage or something. It's really annoying and disrespectful but whatever, the guards are used to it. I wonder if that happens in every lunch period.

Gym was so uneventful that I have literally nothing to say about it, except that I drank all of my water beforehand so I was dying of thirst afterwards. I had to drink the gross rusty hard water from the water fountain, I'd rant about how I'm lucky compared to children in third world countries who have no clean safe water supply but I'd be wasting my time typing.

Pre Calculus OH MY GOD we had a sub right? This sub was SO WEIRD I was literally dying oh my goodness I usually get there before almost everyone despite being out of breath and going up 3 flights of stairs after gym but whatever, I got in there and sat in my seat, and the girl behind me was showing her friends a music video, and she played it out loud so they could hear it, and the Sub oh my gosh. He was like "NO, TURN IT OFF, NO VOLUME FROM YOUR PHONE, NO!" He wasn't aggressive about it, he was like, imagine someone taking a fork away from a baby trying to put it in an electrical socket, that was his tone of voice. Then when everyone got to class he started yelling the exact same was because some kid was using "foul language". I had to try so hard not to laugh but everyone else was laughing anyway lmao I was afraid he would make us stay after class or confiscate our phones. You know, those things older subs do that are so against school ruled but they never get reprimanded for it. Whatever though haha.

Chemistry was a lot less stressful than it usually is, my teacher seemed in a very good mood, which is rare, and especially considering she has a lot of work on her hands, it being near the end of the school year. Today's lesson was a really easy concept that I still managed to over complicate and make harder for myself. But whatever, I don't have any homework from that class tonight so it's a literal miracle.

Today I got a lot of digital art done, by a lot I mean two pieces, which is still a lot for one day. Once school is over though I won't be able to do digital art anymore, let alone use dA on the computer, and the app is so garbage I'll probably just upload my art and nothing else during the summer. Anyway, it's very late for me, but it felt good to recount what happened today, I hope you all have  a wonderful time, wherever you are!


Full Body of a rather odd character I adopted from an amazingly talented artist on Instagram! I love this character but I plan on trading them for another character I am more connected to!
Art by yours truly!
The Twins Monze and Rothu!

I love how this turned out, it's not perfect but I'm very proud of it! I love expanding my horizons with drawing and this character was definitely a challenge, I hope you all enjoy!

Character belongs to dusk06wolf on Instagram
Art by yours truly


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